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GMAP carries out its mandate by working in the following areas:

Research and dissemination

Research on the benefits of including a gender and diversity perspective in mine action is conducted both independently and in collaboration with partners.

GMAP disseminates case studies, good practices, lessons learnt, findings to stakeholders in the sector through articles, reports, toolkits, contributing to the scarce amount of research done on gender and diversity in mine action.

Outreach, training and capacity building

GMAP is providing technical expertise to mine action stakeholders in mine affected countries and producing training materials and modules to further help national mine action authorities, operators and NGOs to incorporate gender and diversity into their mine action interventions. With increased gender and diversity awareness and knowledge acquired through training and other outreach activities, mine action operators will hopefully have the capacity and the will to effectively mainstream gender and diversity into their planning and activities.

Promotion of the inclusion of gender dimensions in the work around relevant disarmament treaties

GMAP is advocating for greater mainstreaming of gender and diversity in mine action at all APMBC and CCM meetings, and encourages the inclusion and implementation of gender and diversity dimensions in states parties’ mine action plans. More specifically, GMAP is monitoring the implementation of the gender and diversity relevant actions in the Conventions’ (APMBC and CCM) Action Plans.