A number of articles have been published by academics and mine action practitioners in various journals, highlighting important issues related to gender in mine action.

  • Sex and Age Matter
    The researchers thoroughly reviewed numerous published reports from academia, the UN, the NGO community and others on the effects of natural disasters and armed conflict on civilian populations, with a focus on publications that used SADD, gender and generational analyses to document and analyze those effects. In total, over 300 studies, including over 250 organizational reports and 45 policy documents were examined. Case studies in the report, ranging from Haiti to Pakistan, demonstrate that collecting SADD is essential to protecting lives and livelihoods.
  • GICHD Policy Brief, Landmines and Land Rights in Conflict Affected Contexts, December 2010.  The GICHD policy brief examines The policy brief is based on a series of country case studies (Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan and Yemen) commissioned by GICHD in 2010, as well as presentations and discussions that took place at an international workshop co-organized by GICHD and the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority in October 2010. It also draws on the extensive land and conflict related research and policy work carried out by the Overseas Development Institute, UN-HABITAT, academics and others. GMAP co-authored the South Sudan case study and was in charge of the gender analysis of the Afghanistan and Cambodia case studies.
  • Jean Chapman, Women’s lives in a Khmer (Cambodian) Minefield.
  • “The Journal of ERW and Mine Action”, Focus: Gender in Mine Action, Issue, 12.2, Winter 2008/09. Nine articles focus specifically on gender in mine action in this issue.
  • Marie Mills, Getting a Piece of the Pie: Lebanese Women Become Deminers, “The Journal  of ERW and Mine Action”, Issue 11.2, Spring 2008. Marie Mills works with the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB), (previously called the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, (SRSA)) as a desk officer for mine-action projects in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Aaron J. Buckley and Akiko Ikeda, UNMAS and Gender Mainstreaming in Mine Action, “The Journal of ERW and Mine Action”, Issue 13.3, Winter 2009. Aaron J. Buckley (Information Officer) and Akiko Ikeda (Programme Officer) both work with UNMAS in New York.

GMAP warmly welcomes external contributions in relation to gender and landmines. If you are interested in having an article published on our website, please contact Programme Officer Nicola Sandhu