advThrough various partnerships and working groups, GMAP advocates for the inclusion of gender dimensions in the implementation and monitoring processes around the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention and the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

Organisations working with gender mainstreaming processes can often be met with resistance and scepticism from different actors. GMAP has developed an Advocacy Toolkit to help disseminate gender and diversity awareness in mine action.

  1. Fact Sheet (Arabic / Croatian / English/ French / Sinhala / Spanish / Tamil)

The fact sheet provides clear and straightforward arguments to be used in situations where gender as a subject is challenged and questioned, particularly in the context of mine action.

  1. Advocacy Pamphlet (Arabic/ Croatian/ English/ French / Sinhala / Spanish / Tamil)
  1. Gender and Landmines: From Concept to Practice (Arabic / Croatian/ English / French/ Sinhala/ Spanish/ Tamil)

The publication shows that when a gender perspective is applied in mine action, all actors generally benefit.

For a summary of the main points of the report: English / French / Spanish

  1. Checklist on Gender in Mine Action (Arabic /Croatian /English /French /Sinhala /Spanish /Tamil)

The checklist developed by the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) emphasizes the crucial linkages between mine action and development and recalls all necessary measures to be looked at to ensure non-discriminatory and sustainable mine action.

  1. List of relevant organisations working on gender and mine action in some mine-affected countries (not up-to-date)

For organisations that have used this kit, we welcome any suggestions for improvement of the materials. You can send us your feedback to