GMAP has put together a timeline documenting the past 20 years of mine action from a gender perspective. These milestones include the most visible as well as the least visible aspects of the inclusion of gender and diversity in the field of mine action.



GMAP develops the capacity of mine action programs, authorities and stakeholders to mainstream gender and diversity in order to improve the impact of humanitarian mine action interventions on affected women, girl, boys and men from diverse groups.

This is done through undertaking assessments and providing technical assistance, training and advice on gender and diversity in mine action according to identified needs.

GMAP also carries out demand driven research to collect evidence, raise awareness and provide guidance on specific aspects of gender and mine action, and contributes to the implementation of the Anti – Personnel Mine Ban Convention and the Convention on Cluster Munitions through its advocacy work.

Monitoring and evaluation is conducted to measure the progress and outcomes of gender and diversity mainstreaming in mine action.