Junior Programme Officer, Gender and Mine Action (internship)



Internship – 12 months, with remuneration

Start date in August or early September 2017


Full/part time

Full time: 50% with GICHD and 50% with GMAP



Geneva, Switzerland


Closing date for applications

28 May 2017



The GICHD and GMAP are opening an internship placement of one year, aiming to contribute to the development of a junior professional starting his/her career in development, humanitarian affairs or international cooperation. The Junior Programme Officer will have the opportunity to gain exposure in gender and diversity-related affairs in international development cooperation, mine action and human security as well as in the strategic and day-to-day management of the processes of two organisations with a broad international outreach.


The internship is hosted jointly by GMAP and the GICHD. The Junior Programme Officer will be supervised by the GMAP Director and the GICHD Operations Directorate and Gender Officer, who will coach him/her in the assigned responsibilities.

Responsibilities at GMAP

The role of the Junior Programme Officer, Gender and Mine Action is to assist the Director and the Programme Manager in the design, implementation, and monitoring of gender and diversity in mine action related tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Assist in the preparations of external and internal events, field trips, training courses and workshops organised by the programme and partners
  • Contribute to the work of the Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub (MdP G&D Hub), in cooperation with the GMAP representative in the MdP G&D Hub
  • Draft, translate or edit correspondence, press releases, funding requests and various communications or advocacy material, depending on the linguistic skills of the incumbent
  • Upon request, undertake special assignments such as drafting articles or conducting research on a specific topic, or similar tasks
  • Be the primary point of contact for gender and diversity related questions from GICHD staff
  • Communications tasks (draft updates for web pages and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn))
  • Attend conferences and seminars as needed and draft minutes and reports
  • Provide some administrative support when necessary.


Travel on mission accompanying GMAP staff, including to mine-affected countries, may be offered.

Responsibilities at GICHD

The role of the Junior Programme Officer, Gender and Mine Action is that of a support to the gender focal point, to assist the process of gender mainstreaming at the Centre and to support the Centre in integrating gender and diversity considerations in all aspects of its mandate and in relevant fora; this addresses internal human resources considerations as well as external working practices, advisory services and products:


  • Monitor and support the implementation of gender and diversity mainstreaming in both internal policies and practices as well as in services provided to external partners
  • Identify gaps and needs for technical advice on gender and diversity mainstreaming in humanitarian mine action
  • Channel advice and guidance from GMAP and other sources to GICHD staff
  • Conduct a Centre-wide survey on gender and diversity awareness and needs; analyze the results, identify the necessary training/guidance for staff members in collaboration with the Human Resources and GMAP
  • Maintain the internal documentation library on gender and diversity-related topics
  • Identify good practices of gender and diversity mainstreaming at the GICHD and share it as a learning resource
  • Act as Secretary of the internal Gender and Diversity Working Group (G&D WG); promote and foster, jointly with the other G&D WG members and the Heads of divisions, the implementation of the GICHD gender and diversity policy and related action plans
  • Support the programme officer in providing biannual briefings to the Management Board on the progress of gender and diversity mainstreaming and on the implementation of action plans.
  • Support the programme officer in drafting the annual report 2017 on gender and diversity at the GICHD


  • Contribute to the work and activities of the Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub (MdP G&D Hub), in cooperation with the GICHD representative in the MdP G&D Hub:

provide thematic contributions and logistic support to the activities and courses organised or facilitated by the MdP G&D Hub; act as the custodian of the GICHD content on the MdP G&D Hub website and digital media and keep them up to date

  • Observe trends, actors and developments in the field of gender and diversity in the peace and security sector; identify opportunities for exchange or collaboration.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • Recent post-graduate education in gender studies, international relations, human rights, political sciences, development, humanitarian law or related field with a strong focus on gender-related topics
  • One year (approximately) of prior work or internship experience in gender and diversity mainstreaming or gender-focused projects, preferably in organisations active in humanitarian assistance
  • Strong interest and understanding of issues and challenges relating to the discourse of gender and diversity in humanitarian assistance
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English and working knowledge of French are required; knowledge of Arabic, Spanish, Russian or Portuguese is appreciated
  • Skills in desktop research and analysis (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Previous experience in the organization of events and training courses is desired
  • Proactive nature, innovative character who is passionate about gender and diversity topics
  • Self-organised with the ability to handle several projects and tasks simultaneously
  • Ability and interest to interact with colleagues of diverse cultures; respect for diversity.

The Junior Programme Officer internship position is recruited locally and not on an international basis, it is intended primarily to post-graduates and young professionals who have studied or completed internships in the International Geneva.  A work permit will be provided by the Swiss authorities through the GICHD, if necessary as regards the current administrative situation of the incumbent.



To apply click on this link GICHD Job Application Portal to access the online platform. Your application must be presented in English and include a detailed CV, a letter of motivation, your earliest date of availability and any other documentation you wish to present in support of your application.


For further information please contact the GICHD Human Resources at [email protected]


The GICHD and GMAP implement a Gender and Diversity policy and are equal opportunities employers. Applications are encouraged from men, nationals of mine-affected countries and individuals with a disability or special needs, who meet the above qualifications and requirements.

About us


The Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP) is an international programme, based in the Maison de la Paix in Geneva, Switzerland that conducts assessments and technical assistance in mine-affected countries, capacity development, research, and advocacy, develops tools and guidance, and provides technical assistance on gender & diversity in mine action. The programme encourages and supports the sector to take into consideration the different perspectives, priorities, capabilities and needs of diverse groups affected by and involved in mine action.


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The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) works to eliminate mines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war, in a world where human security is still hindered by explosive hazards,. To achieve this, the GICHD supports national authorities, international organisations and civil society in their efforts to improve the relevance and performance of mine action. Core activities include furthering knowledge, promoting norms and standards, and developing in-country and international capacity. This support covers all aspects of mine action: strategic, managerial, operational and institutional. The GICHD also works for mine action that is not delivered in isolation, but as part of a broader human security framework; this effort is facilitated by the GICHD’s new location within the Maison de la Paix in Geneva.

The GICHD believes that a gender and diversity analysis improves its impact when delivering support to partners, but equally in internal practice. Women, girls, boys and men of different ages and backgrounds have distinct roles and responsibilities within ERW/mine-affected communities and the needs, constraints, capacities and resources of all groups need to be taken into account to ensure efficient and effective mine action as well as sustainable development outcomes. Similarly, high-quality human resource management, which incorporates gender and diversity considerations, leads to higher productivity and better quality services. The GICHD is therefore committed to better mainstream gender and diversity to ensure that all groups benefit equally from GICHD activities and equality is fostered. As part of this commitment, the GICHD created the Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub with other partners in 2015 and joined the Geneva Gender Champions network in 2016 by pledging to uphold six specific commitments.


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