Gender in Mine Action - Success Stories from the Field

»A number of case studies from various mine affected countries clearly illustrate that mainstreaming gender and diversity in mine action has very positive outcomes. These examples confirm that including gender and diversity considerations is not only possible, but that it also makes mine action programmes more effective, equitable and inclusive. The case studies further demonstrate that this can be achieved in highly diverse cultural settings like Iraq, Lao PDR and South Sudan. They also show that it can be accomplished in various pillars of mine action, including demining, a pillar that traditionally has been dominated by males with a military background.

Land release

  • Cambodia: The Landmine Girls video »
  • Colombia: Danish woman in charge of mine clearance in Colombia »
  • Global: Demining in development: Not just a man's world »
  • Guinea Bissau: Women in demining »
  • Lao PDR:The women clearing Laos of unexploded bombs »
  • Lao PDR: The women who clear bombs »
  • Lebanon: Women clearing Lebanon of cluster bombs »
  • Lebanon: Women on the Frontline for Clearing Cluster Bombs »
  • Mozambique: Clearing Land Mines Becomes Women's Work in Mozambique and Beyond »
  • Mozambique: Demining in Mozambique: women in the front line »
  • Mozambique: Clearing Mines and Saving Lives »
  • Senegal: Elisabeth Sambou - "my motivation is freeing up the land for the people" »
  • Somaliland: All women demining section formed »
  • Sri Lanka: Ladies on the humanitarian front line »
  • Sri Lanka:The women demining Sri Lanka »
  • South Sudan: Gender-sensitive non-Technical survey »
  • South Sudan: De-mining not just a man's job »
  • South Sudan: The women who clear Sudan's minefields »
  • South Sudan: First Female Mine Wolf Operator »
  • Tajikistan: Female Demining Teams in Tajikistan »
  • Western Sahara: Female deminers »

Community Liaison & Risk Education

  • Afghanistan: "Educating children about mines and unexploded ordnance through a mobile cinema, emphizing girls' education"»
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: "From Puppets to Empowerment" campaign saves kids from landmines »
  • Georgia: Creative safety mesures - educating children about unexploded ordnance through art and drama »
  • Iraq: New partnership saves lives in Kirkuk »
  • Iraq: The Child-to –Adult Method in Mine-risk Education »
  • Libya: Risk Awareness Programs for Children in Libya »
  • Libya: Starting the school year with risk education »
  • Mozambique: a serial radio drama seeks to raise awareness, disseminate information and encourage safe behaviours in landmine contaminated regions »
  • Somalia: Partnership in Humanitarian Mine Action »
  • Sudan: A three-goal draw helps convey a three message lifesaver »
  • Sudan: Landmine and UXO risk education for women in eastern Sudan »
  • Tajikistan: Gender in Mine Action: The Tajikistan Experience »
  • Vietnam: Community Liaison makes a big impact in Quang Binh »

Victim Assistance

  • Afghanistan: War amputees find new life, pride in sports »
  • Afghanistan: Empowering Afghan landmine survivors »
  • Albania: Stories from mine victims in northern Albania »
  • Cambodia: Mom, 22 years old survivor, tells her story »
  • Cambodia: Kanha, 16, goes back to school with HI's support (in Khmer with French subtitles) »
  • Colombia: Mother and injured son receive help to open their own clothing shop (in Spanish) »
  • Lao PDR: Clear Path International projects »
  • Kosovo: New foot for courageous Saranda Kastrati »
  • Nepal: Scholarship programme for the girls victims of the conflict »
  • South Sudan: New skills, resources and hope »
  • Uganda: Landmine victim now the hope for others »

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Afghanistan: War amputees find new life, pride in sports »

Lebanon: Women clearing Lebanon of cluster bombs »

Lao PDR: The women who clear bombs »

South Sudan: Gender-sensitive Non-Technical Survey »

Georgia: Educating children about unexploded ordnance through art and drama »

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