Gender sensitive budgeting

What is Gender Sensitive Budgeting (GSB)?

Gender sensitive budgets are not separate budgets for women and men but are attempts to break down budgets according to their impact on women and men. The rationale is that where the needs are different, allocations have to be different.

Why is GSB important in mine action?

Due to budgets often being gender blind, they ignore the different effects of landmines on women, girls, boys and men and are thereby conducive to implicit dimensions of discrimination against either sex. By detailing all costs and expenses in a sex and age disaggregated manner, budgets become a gender sensitive instrument clearly showing priorities and focus areas.

Gender mainstreaming activities, as all new initiatives and investments, may create extra costs. Gender mainstreaming activities need to be viewed as equally important as other costs traditionally linked to mine action, such as the introduction of new technical innovations.

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The social cost of not mainstreaming gender, of not involving both women and men in mine action, has to be evaluated. Systematic exclusion of women and girls directly hinders an efficient mine action programming and produces damaging effects on development and advancement.

What are the costs of implementing GSB in mine action?

Most of the costs generated by gender mainstreaming are initial, one-time-costs.  It is worth underlining is that not all gender mainstreaming initiatives bare costs. Sometimes it simply requires adjustments, rethinking or re-planning of ongoing mine action activities.